Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Microgeneration & Feed in Tariff Campaign for Existing Generators

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Dear Good Energy supporter

Fair deal for energy entrepreneurs: Please join our campaign

We'd like you to sign a petition and write to your MP about the unfair deal that early adopters of microgeneration are getting from the feed-in tariff. Here's why:

Good Energy has a long history of campaigning to help grow renewable generation in the UK. We're really proud that one in every 25 of our customers generates their own renewable power and we're committed to getting the best deal for them.

For several years we were part of the campaign to get a feed-in-tariff - or FiT- to reward renewable generators with a payment for their electricity. We pioneered our own, award-winning HomeGen scheme which pays generators 15p a unit for all the electricity they generate. And we were very pleased when the government recently announced the terms of its FiT scheme starting on April 1st 2010.

BUT - there is a major flaw in the scheme.

For the pioneers who installed their microgenerator before July 15th 2009 the government is offering much lower payments - just 9p a unit - than those available to new generators, who will get up to 41.3p a unit. We think this is wrong.

The UK microgeneration industry owes its existence to the early adopters who installed their own generation equipment because they wanted to make a difference to climate change. Many invested their life savings in such schemes because they believed it was the right thing to do - and they deserve to be recognised and rewarded for their entrepreneurial attitude, not penalised. We believe that green energy entrepreneurs should not be worse off under the new scheme.

So we're campaigning for a change in the legislation to ensure they get the recognition they deserve.

We're delighted that the Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael has endorsed our campaign and tabled an Early Day Motion on this issue. As he says, "If the government is serious about wanting people to develop small scale renewable energy projects then they will have to treat everyone fairly instead of punishing those who demonstrate initiative and commitment."

You can support the campaign in the following ways:

Sign a petition Please sign the petition about this on the Number 10 website - http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Microgenerators/
Write to your MP If you are an existing generator who will be affected by this, please write to your MP telling him about your concerns and asking him to sign the Early Day Motion. We've drafted a letter you can use, which you can download from our website. To find out who your MP is, please visit http://www.parliament.uk/mpslordsandoffices/. Cross Party support is important, so please write to your MP whatever his political party.

If we work together, we can make a difference and help our energy entrepreneurs get the fair deal they deserve for helping set the UK on the right path to reducing its carbon emissions.

Yours sincerely

The Good Energy Team



Le Loup said...

Too right! This sort of thing has happened over here. Those of us who took the risk early on, and payed more for it at the time, got short shift later on.
I have not heard anymore about the carbon pay back scheme, supposed to encourage more people to grow trees. Any ideas/news?
Le Loup.

Fraxinus said...

Hi Le Loup

Yes from my Countryside Management days i remember debating this & again recently. one of the issues is for europe the co2 absorption etc is not as effective planting in Europe , and it needs to be maintaining existing tropical rainforetss & extending them to be most effective. sadly this is where the west needs to pay the 3rd world countries to maintain the natural rainforests instead of loosing them to understandable economic pressures. In Australia there may be a benefit ... see


& http://www.trees4scotland.com/tree-planting-business

will research & put links on site

Le Loup said...

Thanks for the links.
Le Loup.

Wiper said...

Thanks for the support Mr Fraxinus, we've had 23 MPs sign the early day motion so far, so a goood start.



Good Energy team