Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sustainable Innovation Help

30 organisations will benefit from the GreenThink! © programme, a free personalised innovation and advice service provided by experienced consultants at The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD). This includes a workshop process using a range of unique creativity techniques to maximise high quality idea generation. CfSD will produce a report highlighting recommendations from the workshop and then provide follow-up research and advice related to sustainable product design and development, innovation, funding, marketing and commercialisation.

Support can help with:

  • greening of existing products or services
  • development of new greener products or services

 This might include:

  •  identifying opportunities to reduce costs through environmental improvements
  • identifying new market opportunities
  •  developing new product and service concepts
  •  identifying the implications of product-related environmental legislation
  •  exploring opportunities related to low carbon product or services



Le Loup said...

When I was last up in Queensland, I was amazed at the number of new houses being built without any thought to the enviroment. Queensland is hot and sunny, but unlike the old dwellings, new houses were being built without verandahs. No solar panels to be seen anywhere, of all places!!!
The mind boggles.
Le Loup.

Fraxinus said...

Hi Le Loup

Thanks for your comment, will be updating this more often now, There is NO excuse in Queensland!! The grooty weather in Uk last summer & this winter could be a deterant for many but solar power in your neck of the woods surely should be a given!