Monday, 25 May 2009

Crossways 'Zero Carbon Home'

Designed by Richard Hawkes, Crossway is one of the first zero carbon houses in the UK. The building explores the uniqueness of 'place' as well as harnessing solar energy to generate all its own electricity and thermal energy.

The building demonstrates how contemporary design can celebrate local materials and crafts and integrate new technologies to produce a highly sustainable building that sits lightly on the Earth

The earth piled onto the parabolic arch has just been sown with wildflower seeds taken from local Kent sources including Marden nature reserve to give it the correct flora and perhaps even eventually Orchids may be found growing on the roof!!

PV-T Photovoltaic Thermal heat & electricity generating system supplied by the Carbon Free Group

Main Bedroom with bathroom!

Photo a little dark but shows the inside of the main structural arch faced with locally sourced clay tiles

Above and below various architects models used during the design process

A X section of the triple glazing units

Visit Hawkes Architecture for more information

The building featured on Channel 4's 'Grand Designs' programme and full details of the build can be seen here

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