Friday, 20 February 2009

Green Building Bible

These books are the perfect starting place, your first port of call to help you ‘get to grips’ with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

We all have to learn to build and remodel our living environments in such a way as to drastically reduce our collective burden on the planet. As each year passes by, the opportunities to make a difference are decreasing, and most scientists are now agreed on this point. The time left to embrace a lower impact lifestyle is ticking away.

There are no easy answers and many different approaches, but in these books you will find encouraging, practical and immediately useful hands-on information from both the long-term green building professionals and enthusiastic newcomers to the movement. The trends’ chapter will provide you with a snapshot of where we are now and how things are likely to develop in the near future.

Volume 2 goes beyond the introductions and delves into the more in-depth design detailing of buildings. It also provides easy to understand explanations of how some of the new technologies actually work. The book covers areas such as site layout, building envelope and fabric, renewable technologies, environmental factors, lighting strategies, heating and cooling systems and lots more.

Both these excellent books are on offer at the moment at £17 for the two and post free in the UK! see Green Building Bible web site for more information.

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