Monday, 8 October 2007

Finally got round to creating a Blog. I've got loads of interests but hopefully the stuff I put on here may be of use to people who access this blog in the uk & perhaps the world and are interested in living in a more sustainable way.

It is becoming obvious to more and more people that Climate Change is happening and that it is due to human activity, but not withstanding this fact is it not obvious that the earths resources are finite and the practice of worshiping the 'god' of consumerism to excess cannot go on for ever? More and more people are realising that normal everyday life can be lived sustainably and that this is rewarding in itself. Many still believe this is the realm of the eco activist or those following what is often term,ed a hippy lifestyle but no more we can all live a more sustainable way with a little effort to change our routines and set ways.

The page title displays a picture from a 'low energy' housing development at Bridport in Somerset. This was completed in 2006 by the Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development now called the Ecos Trust a groundbreaking Charity and Social Enterprise in the South West. They demonstrate sustainable coinstruction and living in the best possible way by acting as a practical developer and have an annual 'Homes are Good' sustainable construction/living show annualy in February each year. See their web site at for further info. Their latest project is to construct a 'Zero Carbon' housing developement of 5 properties in the small Somerset 'commuter' village of Stawell the picture below shows the foundations being dug in August this year

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